Kari Jaquesson is a star of many Tv-shows about fitness and lifestyle in Norway. She has supplied Norwegians with tips for a healthier life in the morning show ”Good Morning, Norway” for over a decade. She has also been the coach and star in several television reality shows like Biggest Looser and others.

She is Norway’s celebrity personal trainer and has as a fitness professional, introduced many new fitness and lifestyle trends to Norway.
She has been described as a “»fitness pioneer.» Rumours have it she can motivate anyone to get moving!


«The Good Life – The feeling of Wellness” Activity – Food – Health

Kari has travelled the world to present at conventions and seminars and established the first educational system for fitness professionals in Norway. She continually leads continuing education courses nationally.

«Divorce rates would drop if only people ate a bit more often»

Kari Jaquesson reaches hundreds of thousands of people with her message: Everyone can get fitter and everyone can improve their health and level of wellness. She is dedicated to get anyone in their best shape ever – without overwhelming changes. ”The great thing about Kari is that she looks like she’s actually having dinner every day,” exclaimed a listener to one of her seminars.

Many Norwegian Companies have engaged Kari to instruct and motivate employees in their health campaigns.

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She is a well-renowned journalist, and has delivered articles to most Norwegians magazines and to many WebPages.
Several times a year she conducts fitness travels to many different destinations where groups enjoy all aspects of a vacation – and exercise with Kari every morning and afternoon. (see www.jomfrureiser.no)

Kari has produced and starred in 8 DVD’s and is the author of 7 books, all bestsellers.

Her motto? «Not ‘Body Perfect’, but rather ‘Body Healthy’».


She has completed Basic Medicine and is currently studying nutrition at Atlantis Medisinske Høgskole.
Kari is the Norwegian Goodwill Ambassador for Fair Trade.

Kari Jaquesson was a Goodwill ambassador for the UNFPA 2000-2009, and has travelled to Nicaragua and Mozambique. She is the co-founder and a board member of GIFTS – a non-profit organisation working for children and sports in the Gambia and president of Sex and Politics – an NGO working for sexual and reproductibe health and rights.


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